Considerations Before Purchasing an Electric Scooter

Scooters, both manual and electric, are more popular than ever. Several manufacturers introduce new versions often to keep up with trends, demands, and style. A scooter can be found for every age group, need, and rider preference. Three-wheel scooters for stability are even available for young children.

Beware of a Cheap Brand

The quality of scooters vary by manufacturers and models. A flimsy and cheap one is cost-effectiveness at a high price. They are less stable, more difficult to maneuver, and can result in injury to the rider and damage to the scooter. A low-quality product can be more expensive than well-made models due to replacement costs.


The middle pricing range offers more stability, comes with safety features, and will last much longer than that bargain brand. They also have more power and speed. The Razor E 200 electric scooter is designed for children thirteen years of age and older. Brakes are hand operated, speeds can reach twelve miles an hour, and it can operate for forty-five continuous minutes in one charge.

A high-quality scooter can be used by adults as well as teenagers. Weight capacities, depending on the size of the model, can be as high as two-hundred and fifty pounds. Scooters are economical and environmentally friendly. Instead of starting the car to go the corner store, visit friends across town, or even commuting, people can simply get on the scooter and go.


Before purchasing a scooter, especially for a child, be sure she gets regular exercise. If Little League, soccer, basketball, track, or ballet class, among other forms of exercise, are not habits a scooter will merely encourage that sedentary lifestyle. Walking to the park, to the house of a friend, or to school may be the only exercise the child gets.

The same is true of adults. If walking is the only form of exercise, buying a scooter is not wise. The body requires movement to help maintain a healthy weight, clear the lungs, and boost the immune system. A scooter is fun and convenient, but should not replace regular exercise.

Which Scooter is Best?

Determining which scooter is the best for children, teens, and adults can be difficult. There is no way to try them all before buying one. Read independent reviews, ask someone who has one, and research the company for more information.