Tips to Choosing Bride and Groom Gifts

Etiquette is when you are invited to a wedding, you buy a gift for the happy couple. Usually this is something that can be used in the home as they start their new home together. Even though the majority of couples these days have lived together before wedlock, the tradition still stands.

As you can imagine, when heading to a wedding of a friend or family member, all the other guests are doing exactly what you re doing and looking for that one perfect gift. Some couples put together a registry of what they need at a specific shop, but if you don’t have the budget to buy them the crystal glasses they want or the gold embossed photo frame, then you are going to have to think outside the box and give them something that no one else is going to give to them.

The first thing to remember is the majority of gifts you can buy for the bride and groom are for the kitchen, but rather than giving them something dull and boring, you can focus on providing them with engraved, personalised and unique gifts that they will want to keep, use and enjoy for years to come. So where do you start?

One of the best gifts you can consider giving is a personalised and engraved chopping board. They can use this on special occasions or put it on display. Something simple in a design based on what you think they will enjoy can really make an impact and is something that they won’t get from anyone else, it’s different and will be something special to enjoy for years to come. A good idea is to put the bride and grooms names within a heart in the centre of the board.

Another great bride and groom gift to consider is a personalised photo frame. So many people are going to give the couple photo frames. Everyone thinks the couple is going to be overflowing with wedding pictures and will want them in ever corner of the home, but you want to give them that special photo frame that they will want to use either at home or even on their desk at work. Choose a frame that is engraved with their names and the date, so that they can remember this day for years to come.

Something so different and unique when it comes to bride and groom gifts is coasters. Having the couples names engraved on coasters that they can use in their home is something that they can cherish for years, but also an item that is useful and will come in handy on a daily basis.

While they may not be a large present, if you are working on a limited budget, then you may want to get both the bride and groom a keyring for their gift. A keyring can have both names and the date inscribed within a heart that they can carry with them wherever they go. It’s small, but unique, unusual and can be one of the most special gifts they receive on their special day.

The final tip to buying bride and groom gifts is to choose something simple, such as an engraved keepsake box. Keeping memories of their time together and preserving it is a wonderful way to look back on memories when they want to tell their own children about their lives together.